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Welcome to our world!

This is Amy and Pep, writing to you from the southern coast of Spain.  Or at least, that’s where we are most of the time.  We’re two people who are hopelessly in love with each other and with traveling the world.  Since our lives together are just beginning, our travel budget is tight.  But that doesn’t mean our adventures are limited in any way.  We’ve created this blog to show you exactly what we mean.

You see, travel doesn’t require gobs of money, unless you want the most expensive options.  But we’ve seen that the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best.  There are so many other ways to have real adventures, and many of these are only seen when you step out of your comfort zone and get yourself involved in where you are.

We are not your typical tourists.  We don’t care for fancy hotels or high class meals.  We’re here to show you just how much fun you can have while traveling on a budget.  It has become a way of life for us, and we want to help others enjoy this fantastic life as well.


 Get to Know Our Travel Team:


Hello!  I am a copywriter and travel writer turned fanatical blogger!  I take care of writing and editing most posts on Piggy Bank Travels.

MIMG-20150810-WA0021.jpgy story began in a small state called New Hampshire in the United States.  I got on a plane for the first time when I was four years old, and I haven’t stopped traveling since.  I’ve been all around Europe several times, in addition to traveling across the United States and the Caribbean.  My adventures landed my finally in the south of Spain, where I met my wonderful husband and travel partner, Pep.

I have lived a life of travel on a budget.  When my dad quit his high-stress job in 2010, I knew my life would never be the same.  And it hasn’t.  My parents taught me what it means to travel the world cheaply, and through our years of living abroad I’ve gained experience that I never dreamed of having.

I’m 21 years old, and I’m constantly hungry for new travel experiences.  Little by little, Pep and I keep making our way across this beautiful planet we call home, and here on Piggy Bank Travels you’ll be able to follow us each step of the way.



Bon dia!  I am the designer and editor of our website. pep.jpg

I grew up in and around Barcelona, and traveled with friends and family around Europe throughout my youth.  In 2011 I packed my bags and went to Panama for a few months on my own, and it was a fantastic experience that taught me so many things.  Living in another country is different than just visiting, and it taught me what it really means to live cheaply.  In my travels I learned three languages (in addition to the two I already spoke).   In the past years, I’ve traveled both with and without company, but when I met Amy in the south of Spain, I knew I had found the best partner for life and I married her. 🙂

Now, Amy and I travel around the world, keeping careful track of how much money we spend, and always on the lookout for our next adventure.


We invite you, dear reader, to follow our adventures as we travel across the world.  Our goal is to share with you each step in our discovery of how best to travel on a budget.